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    About the narcissus search and site code

    Generally, we run 2 elements, Drupal 6.x as the content management systems that allows archiving of data in a structure that is used by the scripts (bellow) to do the narcissus algorithm.

    The scripts are in php and we use drupal bpptstrap feature to make them communicate with drupal and its database.

    * click counter. Checks and counts clicks on links and implements the show/hide of data according to the narcissus algorithm.


    The next bit is the php code for displaying the search results. It picks information from the database and instructions from the counter algorithm.


    The javascript code for showing/hiding the page upon the search results are displayed. The reason for that is that in this version the narcissus, due to time and financial constraints, is bootstrapped to the CMS rather than lives as an integral part. Therefore we had to extract the results and instead of showing them within the drupal structure, had to add an extra structure element which will work visually and thematically fine..
    The hope is that through this 1st phase we'll be able top make a narcissus standalone which then be ready for people to easily add to blogs/community info of all sorts..


    The css of the current display: